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Scott’s Quik Stop on the corner of M-46 and M-53, Marlette, MI (989) 635-2066

New for 2018 Deer Season! Huge deer Come out and see for your self!

What a great start to the 2018 Buck Pole season!! We have had over 70 bucks hang on our pole and looking for lots more! Keep bringing them for your chance to win some amazing prizes! Don’t forget we hang the bucks all firearm season long and every entry gets a chance to win the grand prize gun along with many other prizes!


Welcome to a spot between Saginaw and Port Sanilac, between Imlay City and Port Austin, where farmers, hunters and retirees want ice cream hand-dipped – or a handgun. And where business is brisk before the opening day of firearms deer season on Tuesday. “We always joke that you can come in here and buy a handgun, a tank of gas and a case of beer,” said Pam Phillips, who with her husband, Scott, own the store at 5 N. VanDyke Road in Sanilac County’s Lamotte Township, one mile east of the Tuscola County line.

“We’re a high-labor store and it takes a lot of labor because we have so many things to offer,” said Scott Phillips, 56, whose wife is quick to explain to a reporter.

Why stop at Scott’s Quik Stop? Glad you asked! Here are a few reasons why you should.

  • Great Taste…Guaranteed
    We serve the highest quality fountain drinks and coffee and are so sure you’ll love the taste, we guarantee it.
  • Famous Fountain Drinks
    Our fountain drinks are made with 100% filtered water and served at an ice cold 34 degrees…guaranteed to taste great.
  • Chewy Ice
    Our softer ice is perfect for chewing and enjoying with our fountain drinks.
  • Flavor Shots
    Look for flavor shots in many of our fountain machines. Add a shot of vanilla, fruit flavor, or energy to your soda!
  • Hot Dogs and many other sandwiches
    All beef hot dogs, sausage dogs or tornados hot and tasty!
  • Fresh, Hot and Fast Coffee and Tea
    Scott’s uses high quality arabica beans and offers several flavors and varieties to choose from, including limited-edition blends. We’re so sure you’ll love the taste, we guarantee it. Taste the difference with our fresh brewed black and green teas. Delicious sweet southern tea and many exotic flavors to choose from.

  •  28 degree beer cooler
    We have a large selection of beer and liquor.,Click for gas in Marlette, MI
  • Sparkling Clean Restrooms

We offer ATMs, a post office and more convenient services at select locations. Stop in to Scott’s Quik Stop and experience the difference of a locally-owned, sparkling clean, and friendly convenience store!

“Fresh-made subs daily, we scoop your ice cream and we serve fresh doughnuts daily,  Sub sub sandwiches made daily. Some of them are thick ham salad, egg salad, chicken salad and tuna salad sandwiches beckon the hungry.

Truckers or hunters seeking a Motel 6 or Waffle House are plenty far from either – the nearest interstate is about 30 miles away – but Scott’s Quick Stop offers three shower booths and is set on five acres of land with no shortage of parking space.

For $10 – though it’s free if one buys a minimum amount of fuel – “you get a towel, soap and lots of hot water,” Pam Phillips said.

Scott’s has very clean restrooms, which is why we have many people passing through stop by.

The store’s location in the middle of nowhere has been a benefit since Scott and Pam Phillips opened their business 30 years ago. “It’s been a plus – a big plus – we get (customers) from Detroit all the way up to Port Austin, or from Saginaw all the way (to Lake Huron),” Pam Phillips said.

“We come here because it’s the best place to buy guns,” said Ed Melville, 77, of Livonia in Wayne County, stopping at the store on Wednesday with his wife, Pat, 72, who inquired about trading her .380-caliber handgun for a pistol.

Dave Grushka our store Manager – wearing shorts and jogging shoes – counseled the couple, on their way to their cottage near Port Austin in Huron County.

“She was looking to trade in a gun for something that would be a little easier to operate,” Grushka explains. “You get that a lot – people who impulse-buy a gun based on its looks or based on bad advice from a relative – and I’ll go through a bunch of stuff with them, and get one that’s right for them.”

The Melvilles aren’t the only ones who seek out Grushka, the hunting department manager who has worked in firearms sales for 25 years. A sign on the front door of Scott’s Quick Stop states “Cash for Guns – Ask for Dave.”

“We buy used guns, and we buy and sell and trade,” Scott Phillips said. “(Pat Melville) doesn’t care for what she’s got, so we’ll give her a fair price on what she has and set her up with something she does like.”

One customer tells a reporter he made a 30-mile drive from near Reese, in Tuscola County, in search of ammunition.

“We work diligently to have ammo at all times,” Scott Phillips said. “A lot of places you walk into have it one day but they don’t have it the next.”

Come opening day on Tuesday, Scott’s Quick Stop workers begin giving successful hunters what they enjoy – attention and prizes – for bringing a white-tailed buck to the store’s “buck pole.”

“Anybody that hangs a legal buck on the pole here goes into a drawing for the grand prize, which is usually a $700 or $800 gun,” Phillips said. “Then we have prizes for the first hunter bringing in a buck, the first female with a buck, the youngest hunter, the oldest hunter, the biggest rack and then we do about 100 door prizes.”

This marks the 10th year the store has set up its buck pole, and successful hunters may arrive with their bucks from Nov. 15 through Nov. 30. Workers at Scott’s Quick Stop shoot a Polaroid photo of each hunter, and award the person a free cap.

The store saves the Polaroid photos and places them inside an album that the store saves for future reference.

“All the time we get people who will come in here and ask to see the old photos, and say ‘Look at this deer I shot in 2007,’” Grushka said.

Scott and Pam Phillips know many of their customers – he attended Marlette High School in Sanilac County and she grew up near Caro in Tuscola County. Their daughter, Wendy Phillips, the store’s manager, earned a degree from the Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business, and came home to run the family store.

“We started this from nothing,” Scott Phillips said. “When we bought the corner, it was an old closed-up service station.”

Regular store customer Krystaria Skakle, 27, of Tuscola County’s Kingston Township, said she attended Marlette High School with Wendy Phillips.

“I’ve always lived nearby and the store’s got a little bit of everything,” said Skakle, holding her baby, 1-year-old Attley Hampshire, as the child’s father, Brandon Hampshire, fed the child tiny spoonfuls of Superman ice cream Wednesday.

“We come here almost every day just to get little odds and ends here,” Skakle said. “It’s centrally located between our house and where (Hampshire) works.”

“I farm about three miles away from here and we live one mile away,” Brandon Hampshire said.

The couple aren’t the only ones visiting Scott’s Quick Stop regularly to get the scoop – of ice cream or current events. Outside the store – open every day except Christmas from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. – semitrailers rumble into the parking lot on a steady basis, headed to park or fill tanks.

“There’s always farmers in here – fueling up,” Hampshire said

 Scott’s Quik Stop

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