Knives at Scott’s Quik Stop

We think it’s safe to say that knives are a nessicity for every adultĀ  here at Scott’s. Whether you’re a hunter, a collector, a butterfly flipper, or a knife enthusiast in general, we’ve got what you are looking for.

People who carry an everyday knife, do so for one very important reason- because they use it every day. The knives they carry must be as reliable as they are functional, designed to perform effortlessly in whatever Knives Scott's Quik Stop 5 N Van Dyke Rd Marlette, Michigan 48453 (989) 635-2066lifestyle they are a part of.

Knives are considered by many to be the most-essential tool ever created. More than 2 million years ago,they were created by the earliest humans. While the first knives were created by knapping rocks into sharp, serrated edges, we’ve advanced a great deal into carbon steel, stainless steel and even razor-sharp ceramic blades. At Scott’s Quik Stop, we’re proud to offer a large selection. From the American classic bowie knife to the latest assisted-open pocket knife, to the famed butterfly knife, we’ve got them all.

From rugged reliable firearms to rugged reliable knives.

Knives Scott's Quik Stop 5 N Van Dyke Rd Marlette, Michigan 48453 (989) 635-2066OurĀ  exclusive collection line includes designs for everyday carry, hunting, tactical uses and self-preparedness. The knives are crafted in varying sizes and finishes, with an assortment of blade edges. Developed by fine knife crafters and master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details. Our store offers unique knives with the important features that every good knife should have. These knives are purposely built to be durable and highly functional in the environments where our customers will expect them to perform.

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